Who We Are

We came into existence to work with a vision to serve the society and to immortalize the memories of Mayank Sharma

What We Do

We are an Emotion that works tirelessly to bring about a paradigm shift in the realm of education, sports and societal issues

Team Work

The entire team is putting in its heart and soul to bring about a positive reformation and to root out the social evils

Our Vision

We want to be the hallmark of an eternal support to the deserving and needy especially in education and sports.

Our Latest Events

Mayank Foundation – Our Achievements!

Honoured & Felicitated Students
Painting Competition Winners

How Do We Work ?

Many curious souls wonder how we work, what binds such vivid personalities from such different walks of life. Answer is simple –
Mayank-his memories, memories of his persona, his conduct,little mischiefs, his aspirations and the love he showered upon us . Mayank Foundation is a prism upon which the divine light of Mayank falls and comes out as the members of Mayank Foundation -working hard in unison to make this world a better place or at least those places which have the touch of Mayank, his fragrance, his imprint. We focus on all and everything but our heart beats for all the Mayanks out there in various forms and shapes, age and colours, needs and aspirations. we care, we motivate, we felicitate – we love!